Big Boi Endorses Crown Royal Black, Talks OutKast Album

on 21/01/11 at 11:53 am

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Liquor companies got the memo that a rapper with clout can endorse any cocktail they can chug. Crown Royal signed on Big Boi to be the spokesman for its premium liquor Crown Royal Black.

Yesterday (Jan. 19), the Atlanta rapper and one-half of the multi-platinum rap outfit OutKast celebrated “The Crown Life” at private event at Anchor Bar in New York City. “I chose it for the simple fact [that] my grandfather used to drink it,” said Big Boi when asked why he aligned with Crown Royal. “One of my earliest memories of Crown Royal is the purple bag with the gold writing on it. My granddaddy used to have about $100 worth of change in there…me and my brothers and my cousins used to go and get the change and take it to the candy lady. Once I got a little older and got the history of the drink and that it was tailor made to royalty, that was right up my alley. It’s a cool playa type drink. I like to endorse products that I actually use.”

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