Big deal. Wine with fondue slows digestion. Hmmph.

on 15/12/10 at 11:56 am

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Does it matter what you drink with that cheese fondue?

The Swiss would say absolutely!

Debate has raged for decades in Switzerland over the perfect fondue beverage. Some insist white wine is the best option because the alcohol supposedly breaks down the gruyere cheese. But others say only tea – with no milk or sugar – is appropriate.

Researchers in Switzerland and Germany set out to find out which drink provides better digestion of that fatty cheese.

The research was published Wednesday in the medical journal BMJ.

In a small study – partly funded by Coop Foods and Etter Kirsch – experts fed 20 healthy men and women aged 23 to 58 a cheese fondue with either Fendant de Valais white wine and kirsch or black tea.

{Full story via Washington Post}

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