Booze & food trucks. A combo whose time has come. To Portland anyway.

on 16/12/10 at 9:37 am

Booze News

Make that a taco and cocktail.

We’ve grown pretty unfazed with the menu items food carts are now producing, but we never expected booze. But there are a few pending liquor licenses in food-truck-friendly Portland, Oregon.

Former commercial Alaska fisherman Rafael Gaxiola hopes to make his cart the first liquor-approved, reports By adding beer and wine to the Mexican-inspired menu at his Deadliest Catch truck, he says, he’ll attract more customers for his cart and for those around him — and raise serious revenue on orders. He doesn’t even care where his spot is: “If I get the chance to go somewhere where they’ll allow me to have a liquor license, I’ll go there in a heartbeat,” Gaxiola tells OregonLive.
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