Booze, the 'It' gift for actors to their Hollywood agents…& for easy re-gifting

on 16/12/10 at 10:20 am

Booze News

Damian Cecere, an actor who lives in Los Angeles, plans to spend about $50 on a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for his agent this holiday season. That’s $50 more than he spent last year.

“Things are definitely on an upswing, but I’m not ready to splash out with the Cristal,” said Cecere, 36, who appeared in a Super Bowl Bud Light commercial and credits Matt Taylor of DDO Artists Agency for landing him the job.

Cecere said he’ll also cough up a buck or two on a bow. His gesture is part of rebound in year-end alcohol-giving, a Hollywood tradition that was crimped last year by the advertising slump and studio cutbacks. Growing film production and entertainment hiring are boosting sales at Los Angeles stores including Wally’s Wines & Spirits, K&L Wine Merchants and the Wine House.

“Last year, even if the budget was there, it didn’t look good to be spending money,” said Steve Wallace, owner of Wally’s, who estimated business is up 20 percent, though below pre-recession levels. “This year, everyone is feeling a little better.”

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