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Booze ‘n Bullets: Chicago bans guns in places that serve liquor

on 12/09/13 at 9:55 am

Booze News

1208701_575946702464360_1347928169_nChicago suffered a recent setback when an appeals court struck down an Illinois concealed weapons ban, but the city put new regulations on the books Wednesday.

The Chicago City Council fired a retaliatory shot in the gun-control battle Wednesday, passing ordinances that ban concealed weapons in many liquor businesses.

Chicago, home to some of the toughest gun-control measures in the nation, suffered a setback in December when a federal appeals court ruled that an Illinois concealed-weapons ban was unconstitutional.

While Chicago officials reluctantly agreed to adopt the law Wednesday, they approved concealed-weapons regulations for many bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

“Bullets and booze don’t mix,” said Alderman Edward Burke, one of the sponsors of the ordinance.

Burke added that Chicago is ready for a fight if someone wants to challenge its new gun-control measures.