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Booze on! Drinking does not affect productivity

on 26/05/15 at 2:35 pm

Booze News

Drinking-At-Work-Productivity-Challenge-Solved-With-The-Problem-Solver-BeerThe real reason you’re not productive at work? Lack of SLEEP: Get seven hours a night and you can ‘drink, eat and smoke what you like’

  • Smoking, eating and drinking does not affect productivity, study reveals
  • A lack of sleep is instead to blame for low productivity in the workplace
  • Those who slept for six hours or less notably less productive, study says
  • Study of more than 21,000 employees across UK by Cambridge University

Smoke, drink and eat as much as you like – but make sure you get seven hours’ sleep to be at your best in the office.

Lack of sleep is to blame for low productivity at work, a study has found.

But researchers also discovered that the amount workers smoke, eat and drink alcohol does not affect productivity.

Those who slept for six hours or less a night were notably less productive than those who got seven or eight hours’ sleep, according to the study of more than 21,000 UK employees carried out by researchers from Cambridge University and Rand Europe.

Employees with financial concerns, mental health issues or musculoskeletal problems also had lower productivity, as well as those who did not exercise.