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Booze trend of 2013? Moonshine

on 25/11/13 at 9:47 am

Booze News

0432232592_11835169_8colMoonshine was a DIY staple of the Prohibition era, a backwoods rotgut that could make you blind or see God, sometimes both. And now, among small-batch boutique American whiskey distilleries, it’s one of the year’s hottest booze trends.

The Discovery Channel docudrama Moonshiners may account for some of this newfound glamor. But industry experts say moonshine, also called white dog, is having its moment in the sun for a number of reasons. The term that is associated with illegal backyard stills now means an un-aged American whiskey, which is legally made at some Florida distilleries.

Dick Waters didn’t see this coming in 2009 when he started Palm Ridge Distillery in Lake County’s Umatilla, one of Florida’s only microbatch distilleries.

“When we first started doing our tastings almost four years ago, there were probably one or two ‘shine products on the shelf. You go now and there are probably 20 or 25 of them,” he says. “We thought it was a fad, and it still may be, to be honest with you. But this year Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam are doing it — it’s got more legs than I thought it did, for sure.”