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Bored office workers turn to chocolate, coffee & booze. Anything else?

on 13/01/12 at 4:14 pm

Booze News

If you’re reading this because you are bored at work, you are probably also munching on some chocolates and guzzling coffee, new research suggests. That after-work brew doesn’t sound too bad either, does it?

New research on a small sample of office workers indicates that when bored at the office we look to munchies and caffeinated beverages to perk us up. Bored workers are also more likely to hit a bar once they punch the clock, said study researcher Sandi Mann, of the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom.

“We found that it’s a mix between the demands of the job and the person’s personality that contributes to if you are going to be bored or not,” Mann said.

Bored on the job
The study included 102 office workers in the United Kingdom who completed questionnaires about their working habits. The questionnaire asked the workers to rate the level of boredom on a 5-point scale from “never bored” to “bored most of the time” at their current job.


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