A Bull Market for Wine: Top vintages have outperformed almost every other asset class over the past decade. How much longer can it last?

on 20/09/10 at 11:53 pm

Booze News

The flowering of the vines in Bordeaux took place in unsettled conditions this year. The chances are that the region’s grapes will not all ripen at the same time. This in turn will make for a tricky harvest and – in all probability – a small, weather-affected crop for the 2010 vintage. There have also been a number of storms, which can lead to high humidity and the possibility of rot. This is not good.

Traditionally Bordeaux’s early vintage forecasts were only of interest to a handful of oenologists and wine merchants. But given the returns being made on wine investment, far more people are now interested in the weather before harvest time in the world’s largest fine wine region.

In the cellars of the most famous Châteaux that line the gravel mounds of the Gironde estuary in Bordeaux, the 2009 vintage has been maturing in barrel. This is undoubtedly the most hyped vintage since records began – eclipsing the famed vintages of 1961, 1982 and 2005. Even before the wine has been bottled, its value has already soared. Interest in wine investments is keeping pace.

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