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Buying Booze With Bitcoins: Yes, I Took One For the Team

on 15/07/13 at 12:01 pm

Booze News

indexBitcoin seems like a great idea, if you want to slip through the cracks of the web and into the Dark Net so you can buy drugs, guns and probably black market killer whales or alien technology from sites like Silk Road. But if you just fancied a wee cheeky pint with your friends, you were shit out of luck. UNTIL NOW.

Computer scientist-turned-publican Stephen Early has rigged his homebrewed cash register software to accept bitcoins as well as cash and card payments. You read correctly — you can now go boozing with bitcoins. So I did. Because journalism. (Innit.)

The Pembury Tavern in Hackney is the only one of Early’s chain of five pubs located in the capital and, not coincidentally, it gets the lion’s share of Bitcoin action. It’s a nice, airy East End pub with a good selection of speciality ales and lagers and friendly staff.

On my visit (in the name of journalism, don’t forget) I bought a round for me and barman Luke, who had just knocked off his shift. He took me through the basics while his colleague pulled our pints and did the bitcoin magic at the till.