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Caffeine + Alcohol Giving Good Drinks A Bad Name

on 24/11/10 at 12:19 pm

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What with all the buzz, pardon the pun, about Four Loko and other caffeine-cranked beverages that deliver a whopping payload of alcohol and that, according to Stephen Colbert, “allow you to fall off a bar stool all night long,” it’s easy to forget that the practice of mixing a boozy bump with a caffeinated zip isn’t exactly new.

As Frank Bruni wrote recently in the New York Times, most liquor-laden coffee drinks are straight from the dessert menu, the drinks all too often defined by “a milky, messy nimbus of Baileys or a cloying slick of KahlĂșa.”

Today, of course, both cocktails and coffee are being enjoyed on a particularly geekish level, and Bruni writes that now coffee and liquor are encountering each other in a glass in ways that no Irish Coffee connoisseur could have anticipated. It was, as he writes, to be expected, as bartenders such as Troy Sidle from The Randolph at Broome in New York trace “a beverage frontier that is bound to get more attention over the next few years, as cocktail worship and coffee fetishism inevitably overlap.”

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