California Judge Thinks Mike’s Lemonade Is Beer? Go Figure!

on 30/05/12 at 10:54 am

Booze News

There is nothing that drives me crazier than people of a certain age endlessly talking about their ailments, so I will not tell you about mine except to say that I am grateful to live in a time when there are a variety of medications to alleviate them.  There is a price though.  I am barred from even moderate alcohol consumption.  Thankfully, there has been an another great advance in civilization.  There are quite a few decent non-alcoholic beers.  Probably there will never be a non-alcoholic India Pale Ale, because then my life would just be too good.  As I poked around looking to see if there might be one, I found this comment:

To my knowledge no one has even bothered to think about making a non-alcoholic IPA. Seems like a pointless endeavor,

Well Mr. Lon S Cohen, GenX slacker, you will be 60 someday and might have one of my ailments.  Then you will regret that thoughtless comment, but I will not wish that on you and hope that you can enjoy IPAs well into your dotage and not have to be content with occasional sips from a regular dining companion.  The point of this is that I love beer, independent of its alcohol content, so I am rather disturbed when people try to claim that things that are clearly not beer are.  It seems almost sacrilegious.