Can you imagine? Bar owners have to contend with ways to deter gun carriers

on 31/05/11 at 9:32 am

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Kim Carpenter has worked in Lancaster’s bars for 17 years, but a proposed change to Ohio’s concealed carry law to allow guns inside bars is enough to give her pause about her future.

“It very well might be the end of my bartending career,” said Carpenter, who manages Citi Bar and The Orange Carpet Lounge. “I see too many (situations) where ‘he bumped into me at this little table as a reason to punch somebody else in the face.’ What happens when they have a gun in their pant pocket?”

Many of Carpenter’s fears are echoed by other local bar owners and operators. But gun proponents say a provision that prohibits gun carriers from drinking will keep firearms out of the hands of the inebriated.

Laying out the law

Different versions of a concealed carry revision have passed both chambers of the state legislature, but the bill has not been sent to the governor’s office for his signature.

{Full story via Lancaster Eagle Gazette}

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