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Carnivore Cocktails. Check It.

on 14/05/13 at 7:21 pm

Booze News

2013-05-14-BocanovaElVaqueroMore and more bars now serve “cocktails for carnivores,” a.k.a. fleshy refreshers, a.k.a. alcoholic drinks containing meat. These vegan-repellers bring a whole new meaning to the term “bloody Mary.”

1. The Duck Duck Duck, served at Chicago’s Storefront Company:

Chef Bryan Moscatello makes this poultry-ific pleaser with Monkey Shoulder scotch, kumquat syrup, Creole bitters and a skewered garnish featuring candied kumquat, duck confit, duck prosciutto and a deviled duck heart, finished with a lemon twist because, you know, it can’t all be duck: