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Cocktail culture through the decades

on 01/01/12 at 6:25 pm

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Larry Salk, "Summer Cocktail Party with English Butler," 1961. (Credit: Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

As visitors to the Norton Museum of Art’s new exhibition, “Cocktail Culture,” are aptly informed, Christian Dior once called the cocktail “the symbol par excellence of the American way of life.” The Norton’s exhibition — modeled on a similar show put on last year at the Rhode Island School of Design — seeks to point out, through such diverse media as fashion, photography and film, all the ways in which Dior’s statement has proved true over the course of the past century.

Over the phone, curator Michelle Finamore explained the history behind America’s cocktail romance — and described some of the more distinctive objects in the exhibition. Take a peek at cocktail culture’s historical accouterments in the slide show that follows.

What was the inspiration for this exhibition?

Well, the real inspiration came from an exhibition that was done at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. They did a version of this last year, and it was supposed to travel to the Norton. Something fell through, so what they decided to do at the Norton was basically to re-create the exhibition from scratch.

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