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Cocktails in Shanghai? Check out this cool spot, minus the pretense

on 16/05/11 at 1:01 pm

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Sophistication without pretension: Brownstone

With high-end cocktail bars becoming the new (and increasingly ubiquitous) trend in Shanghai, many in the fast-paced city are finding that bigger, flashier, and louder is not always better. For those more interested in real drinks made by real bartenders, rather than an ear-splitting velvet-roped scene, Shanghai veteran Bob Boyce (blue frog, KABB) has opened his newest venture, Brownstone. A stylish but unpretentious cocktail bar in Yongjia Road’s Surpass Court, Brownstone is all about drinks and music — tastefully presented for Shanghai’s non-nightclub set.

Jing Daily recently sat down with Bob Boyce to discuss Brownstone, his thoughts on Shanghai’s current nightlife scene, and how his new bar is adapting cocktails for the local palate.

Jing Daily (JD): What made you want to open a cocktail bar, as your other ventures, blue frog and KABB, are restaurants? Did you notice a growing trend with those restaurants in terms of cocktails or drinks?

Bob Boyce (BB): blue frog actually started as more a bar than a restaurant, and I’ve always liked the bar business. Over the last couple of years, I started to notice customers — there used to be a trend to go to very big clubs, to go out out. There’s still that aspect [in Shanghai], but I noticed our customers are looking for something that’s a little more intimate.

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