Cocktails the MIT way: High-tech and physics-charged

on 07/11/13 at 11:26 am

Booze News

MIT cocktailEven the folks at MIT need to blow off a little steam now and again. But as it turns out, hitting the bar doesn’t necissarily mean that an engineer stops being an engineer. A recent collaboration between chefs, engineers and scientists over at MIT has resulted in some fantasic new ways to get your drink on.

Rather than inventing a new drink recipe or two, the team looked into how you might have a little more fun with the drinks you already enjoy. What they came up with were a self-navigating cocktail boat and light-up, booze-sipping flower. Each of the inventions were inspired by nature and the physics of surface tension — and maybe a couple rounds of the good stuff.

The cocktail boat was designed to skim across the surface of your drink, much like a water-walking insect, using the alcohol content of your drink as a propellant. The harder the cocktail you’ve got in your glass, the faster the boat can go.