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Come ON. Girly “Bloat-Resistant” Beer Marketed by Men to Women

on 26/07/11 at 1:40 pm

Booze News

Molson Coors’ announcement that it will launch Animée, a new “bloat-resistant” beer aimed at women, in the UK this fall has not exactly been welcomed with squeals of joy and air kisses by female commentators.

Many seem to view the new campaign as a cosmetic condescension that will likely do little to make up for decades of sexist marketing that have driven women away from beer in the first place.

As Melissa Cole puts on the sarcasm: “It’s called Animee, because girls are drawn to anime and the name Aimee. It’s pretty! It tastes like ‘light, sparkling, finely filtered beer’ (also known as Zima).”

Ouch. Kim Conte at The Stir is even more blunt: “Just because I’m female doesn’t mean I like to drink crappy beer.”

The message? Try a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T … it might be more effective than frou-frou marketing in enticing women to embrace beer.

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