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Coming Soon! Palcohol Inventor Says Media Got It All Wrong

on 03/04/15 at 11:31 am

Booze News

indexThe advent of powdered alcohol has been all over the news for the past year, both for its innovation and for its controversy. While many consumers are excited about the prospect of this new and convenient way to revolutionize alcohol consumption, lawmakers have spoken out against the sale of Palcohol—its commercial name—before it has even hit store shelves. Some states, such as Colorado, have embraced it; others, such as Texas, have fought its introduction tooth and nail. The immediate fears regard its potential abuse—will teenagers be snorting it in the bathroom between classes? Will Kid Rock fans, God forbid, try to sneak it into his next sold-out show at the Concord Pavilion?

But few have bothered to consider the full scope of its potential benefits in a society already—like it or not—in love with getting drunk, or the possibilities of powdered alcohol beyond its obvious use as a recreational beverage. Palcohol inventor Mark Phillips has avoided the media spotlight until a few weeks ago, when Palcohol was awarded federal approval. We checked in with Mark to learn more about how he came up with this product, what he thinks it can offer the world, and why he thinks its a target for naysayers.

MUNCHIES: Hi, Mark. How are you feeling about the federal approval for Palcohol that went through on March 10?
Mark Phillips: I’m feeling great about it. It’s made a big difference. The states that initially banned Palcohol didn’t understand the product. Now that I’m doing interviews and the word is getting out to explain the product better—and explain why banning it is a bad idea—a lot of states have chosen to not ban it.

When did you first develop the formula for Palcohol?
Around 2011.