Costco Battles For Cheaper Booze In Wash. State

on 20/10/10 at 11:10 am

Booze News

A Washington state ballot measure that would change how alcoholic beverages are sold has produced some strange bedfellows.

Firefighters and church groups have teamed up with beer distributors to fight a proposal that would do away with state-run liquor stores and eliminate price controls in the sale of wine and beer.

If you want to buy hard liquor you have to go to one of 315 state-sanctioned liquor outlets where the hours are relatively limited and the prices are high. A standard handle of Smirnoff vodka costs $30.

That same bottle costs just $16 at Costco stores in California, and the giant retailer wants to offer similar prices in Washington state. So, Costco has put a lot of money and muscle into getting Initiative 1100 on the November ballot and getting it passed.

{Full story via NPR}

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