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Crossroads Isn’t Just Vegan Heaven. The Bar Rocks, Too!

on 25/06/13 at 10:21 am

a woman walks into a bar..., Booze News

woman-barfinal2Crossroads, the terrific new restaurant that just happens to be vegan, and is surprisingly touted as having ‘white tablecloths’ and nice flatware because as everybody knows, of course, vegans have only recently emerged from their pods to live beside us carnivores in peace and respectability and no longer eat with their filthy gardening hands. Hence, they now have a very decent place to call their own. Which brings me to the bar. Naturally. And beautiful it is too.crossroads bar

No,  the drinks are not all vegan. It is very tough to make strictly vegan cocktails. While it can be done, it gets very tricky as even, for example, conventional white sugar is refined using charred animal bone. So, Jeremy Lake, who put the cocktail program together, is using as many certified vegan labels or close-to-vegan certified as possible without sacrificing quality. This means the bar features either certified vegan, organic, bio-dynamic or sustainable brands.

One of the major challenges in creating vegan cocktails based off of classic recipes is working without eggs and honey but Jeremy and company are are working diligently toward creating excellent vegan substitutes for those ingredients.

Now, for the cocktails. These are what I had and they were all delish.

Barbancourt rhum /strawberry-lavender syrup lime / roasted rosemary
shotgun willie

fair quinoa vodka / housemade bloody mary mix /celery root
bloody mary

And I had a good taste of the MAYFLOWER served in a copper cup
pimm’s no. 1 / plymouth gin / st. peters english ale
campari / orange / cucumber / mint / lemon

Vegan or not, Crossroads food and cocktails are good for your soul.

8284 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048