Damn. Mosquitoes love beer…and beer breath = You!

on 27/06/11 at 11:27 am

Booze News

Anyone who wants to enjoy a cold beer during the heatwave might want to spray on insect repellent first, after a study found it makes you more attractive to mosquitoes.

The insects are 15 per cent more likely to fly towards humans after they have consumed a pint or two, according to a study.

Researchers believe the pests are attracted to odour and breath changes caused by alcohol.

They added that mosquitoes could have learnt to associate the beer odour with an increased lack of defensiveness against bites from boozy drinkers.

The team, led by scientists at the IRD Research Centre in Montpellier, France, hope their findings will be used to help prevent malaria.

The disease is spread by mosquitoes and kills 780,000 people worldwide every year.

They tested their theory on 2,500 Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes in Burkino Faso, west Africa.

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