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Distiller Promises To Make Kentucky Liquor Quicker

on 18/05/15 at 10:33 am

Booze News

crw_4142_wide-733b70011b03c2a446136f06abad7129c20cb225-s800-c85Kentucky bourbon is in high demand these days. Sales and production of the whiskey have surged in recent years.

The demand has created a problem: a shortage of barrels. Bourbon is typically aged for several years in wooden casks.

But one company has found a work-around. It’s come up with a chemical process that ages bourbon not in years — but in hours. The innovation is unsettling an industry that is long-soaked in history and tradition.

Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek, Jefferson’s, and Old Grand-Dad: These are names of a few Kentucky bourbons you’ll see at the liquor store.

Another brand name, Terressentia, doesn’t quite have the same historic, folksy ring to it as traditional Kentucky bourbon names, says Charles Medley, a seventh-generation master distiller.

When Medley sold his company’s unused distilleries to Terressentia last year, he said as much to Terressentia’s CEO, Earl Hewlette.