Don’t let fancy drinks drain wedding dollars

on 19/06/11 at 11:39 am

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From Champagne toasts to wine, beer and frozen drinks, a fabulous reception often features beverages your guests will love. But it comes at quite a price.

According to The Wedding Report, the average cost of reception bar service ranges from $1,897 to $2,569, depending on the premium level of alcohol provided and the reception location.

Brides and grooms on a budget will be happy to know that they can create an impressive bar list filled with quality wines and cocktails for far less than the national average by following a few priceless tips:

pass on priciest booze

“A bar with top-shelf liquors is not a must,” says Susan Schneider, executive editor of Bridal Guide magazine. “Lower-priced versions will do just as well.”

Do a taste test of more moderately priced spirits and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find, Schneider says.

forget fully stocked

The quickest way to wrack up a huge bar bill is to offer a wide range of liquors, Schneider says.

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