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Drink sake. Help Japanese economy

on 13/04/11 at 2:15 pm

Booze News

Sake brewers from quake-hit northeastern Japan have called on residents to enjoy the traditional cherry blossom party season and drink sake in an effort to help the regional economy recover.

Speaking in a YouTube appeal, Kosuke Kuji, of the Nanbu Bijin brewery in Iwate prefecture, said: “I would like you to support the Tohoku (northeastern) region by drinking sake.

“We would appreciate if you enjoy ‘hanami’ (flower viewing) parties rather than restraining yourselves.”

Another sake brewer from Iwate, Hiroko Yokosawa, echoed the sentiments in her own appeal on the video-sharing website.

“We would like to continue brewing Japanese sake, thinking about people enjoying our sake under flowers,” she said.

The blossoming of cherry trees in Japan in spring is usually celebrated with sake-heavy picnics.

However, the aftermath of the massive quake on 11 March and the following tsunami, which killed over 12,000 people with a further 15,000 missing has led authorities to call for restraint among revellers, saying that this is no time for celebrations or parties.

But sake breweries in the affected areas are concerned that such restraint would be bad for business, as well as the morale of the suffering locals.

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