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Drunkorexics shun food in favour of booze

on 14/08/12 at 5:25 pm

Booze News

People who skip food in order to save their calories for booze are at risk of serious eating disorders and high-risk behaviour, according to a new Simon Fraser University study.

Particularly common among university students who are not only susceptible to peer pres-sure but immersed in party culture, “drunkorexia” can lead to risky behaviour like unprotected sex and even full-blown bulimia or anorexia, researchers say.

Daniella Sieukaran, a clinical psychology graduate student, presented her research on the long-term consequences of drunkorexia at the Canadian Psychological Association’s conference in June. She surveyed nearly 230 university students – about two-thirds female – aged 17 to 21 over a four-month period, and found there is a correlation between skipping meals and heavy drinking.

The study also found that drunkorexia was associated with negative health consequences.