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English evolves! ‘Wine o’clock’ added to Oxford online dictionary

on 23/10/15 at 12:42 pm

Booze News

MjAxMy01NjU2YjNhNmE0NGQxZmYyOr, is English devolving with these additions to OxfordDictionaries.com:

Weak sauce – anything of a poor or disappointing standard

Bants – short for banter

NBD – abbreviation of no big deal

Pocket dial – to accidentally call someone while your phone is in a pocket

Hangry – adjective used to show feelings of anger or irritability as a result of hunger

Awesomesauce – to describe something as excellent

Bruh – describing a male friend

Mkay – the informal pronunciation of OK

Grexit and Brexit – the potential departure of the UK and Greece from the EU