Ever Had A Cement Mixer? Most Disgusting Cocktail Shooters Ever

on 29/07/11 at 11:26 am

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Elementary school lunchrooms across the country are filled with kids creating bizarre mixtures and daring one another to drink them. Everything from chocolate milk to spaghetti sauce ends up in glasses with other ingredients featuring horrific textures and even worse flavors. But with the right combo of double dog dares and cookie bribes, these vile creations go straight down the hatch. Even sadder, that same scene plays out in bars every night as the 21-and-over crowd challenges each other’s intestinal fortitude with alcoholic concoctions that were never meant to be.

From Cement Mixers to the Liquid Steak, some drinkers have a strange fascination with challenging one another to imbibe stomach-churning cocktails and shooters. This fascination often turns to obsession as the night wears on and the booze keeps flowing. Many a 21st birthday celebration has come to a screeching halt when an Alligator Sperm or Prairie Oyster rolls down the birthday boy or girl’s throat and just as quickly comes back up, much to the dismay of anyone within the splatter zone.

That said, these cocktails do display a healthy dose of creativity and sick imagination. And they’re certainly an effective way of dealing with an annoying barfly or emphasizing the need for an early last call – projectile vomit does tend to clear rooms, after all.

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