E-Z Awesome Cocktails To Delight Your Party Guests

on 17/12/10 at 11:52 am

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Brasserie Lebbe

“This week, I encouraged people to step up and take charge of the drinks they serve at their cocktail parties. Still, I understand that as the size of a party grows, the more difficult it is to have handcrafted drinks for guests. That’s why I usually recommend two types of drinks for bigger parties — punch or a wine-based cocktail. Punch, which I wrote about last month, is obvious: Guests can ladle it themselves. Wine cocktails work well, because you can offer both the cocktail itself, or just a glass of wine for those who don’t do cocktails. Besides the sparkling wine cocktails I suggested this week — the Ostend Fizz Royale, the Purple Fizz Royale and the Bitter French — here are eight more ideas for relatively straightforward party drinks:

Here are three easy wine-based cocktails:

Brasserie Lebbe. One of my favorite champagne cocktails. Serve this at brunch instead of the dreaded mimosa.
Tuscan Sangria. Everyone loves Tuscany, right? Everyone loves sangria, right? Well, here’s a heartier version of the summer favorite that everyone will love.
Black Velvet. Doesn’t get any easier than this. Dark beer, check. Sparkling wine, check. This is from my lazy bartending manifesto from a couple years ago, where you can look for more E-Z ideas.”

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