Once more with feeling. Sage advice for getting thru your holiday partying

on 27/12/10 at 9:12 am

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‘Tis the time of year when inhibitions go out the window.

Office parties, gatherings of friends, family feasts, New Year’s Eve … Ah, how the drinks do flow.

Unfortunately, too many occasional drinkers tend to overdo in such circumstances, to the regret of not only themselves, but those around them who are (a) embarassed, (b) annoyed and/or (c) disgusted by their behavior.

Simply telling people to drink responsibly won’t avoid all such negative experiences. But, armed with a little knowledge of one’s own alcohol capacity and how well you metabolize what you drink, you and those near you will get through holiday partying in a dignified, enjoyable way.

A few don’ts:

(1.) Don’t “do” shots. Spirits are not for “doing.” They are for slow enjoying. The only reason to do shots is to get drunk, which mature adults try to avoid.

(2.) Don’t assume mixed cocktails are much less potent than straight whiskies, rums or vodkas. Many mixers — red or white vermouth, for example, in Manhattans, Rob Roys, Martinis, etc.; various liqueurs in other recipes — have a significant alcohol content on their own, so drinking too many cocktails made with them still lets the impact mount.

{Do’s ‘n don’ts continued via Examiner}

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