Finally, Someone Pairs Cocktails with Twinkies and Hostess Cakes

on 20/11/12 at 8:01 pm

Booze News
New York City’s W Hotel in Times Square is offering a delectable Hostess and cocktail pairing menu this week.

We interrupt this Thanksgiving coverage to let you know about another way to pair food and drink this week: Hostess sweets and cocktails. In light of the impending Hostess bankruptcy (and possible buyout from the owners of PBR), the W in Times Square has put together some (bitter)sweet cocktail and Hostess pairings for this week only.

We wish we could say we were genius enough to think of these ourselves, but we’ll let the W Times Square Menu do the talking. On the Hostess Cocktail Pairings Menu:

The TBR (Twinkie Blue Ribbon): As buzz builds that the company behind PBR may help keep the Hostess brand alive, this is a PBR paired with a classic yellow Twinkie. Need we say more?