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Five Spirits and Liqueurs to Try in 2013

on 03/01/13 at 3:56 pm

Booze News

a1When rolling out your New Year’s resolutions, get past the usual suspects. Sure, losing a few pounds or deciding to read more Dickens is an honorable idea. But a resolution you may actually keep is trying more intriguing spirits and liqueurs, especially if you begin with these five:

Borghetti Coffee Liqueur
An institution in Italy, found in bottles big and small in nearly every café, Borghetti is the finest coffee liqueur by leaps and boozy bounds. Made by the Branca Distillery (which also makes Carpano Antica, Punt e’ Mes, Fernet Branca, and others), this liqueur is constructed solely from coffee beans roasted in house, a neutral base spirit, and a natural sweetener.