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From Russia With Love – A Vodka Named Gaddafi

on 29/11/11 at 1:41 pm

Booze News

Since 2003, Russians have been throwing back shots of Putinka vodka, a popular brand honouring the country’s favourite president-prime minister-president. Now, according to Russian media reports, they may be able to start paying homage to yet another political leader: Muammer Gaddafi.

As Kommersant FM and the online news site Marker.ru report on Wednesday, the company behind Putinka has set its sights on a new brand and registered the trademark for a liquor called Commendatore Muammer.

If true, it is needless to say a bold move. While vodka drinkers have gone crazy for the just-bearable taste and affordable price of Putinka, one of the best-selling vodka brands in the country, they are likely to be less keen on a Gaddafi product, even if Putin did liken the UN resolution ahead of NATO’s Libya air strikes to “medieval calls for crusades”.

As Vadim Drobiz, director of the Research Center for Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets, told KommersantFM: “[Gaddafi] has no association with alcohol. However many supporters of Gaddafi there are here, it’s unlikely that the name will attract them to this product.”


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