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“Every Girl I Go To” by passionate poet David A. Romero

on 07/01/11 at 9:25 am

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Booze News is happy to present passionate poet and spoken word artist, David A. Romero, whose poem, Every Girl I Go To, is about his experience of bars and drinking while in China.  It is from his 2nd book, Fuzhou.

Part traveler’s guide and part diary, Fuzhou takes the reader on an expedition through the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of a faraway land. Fuzhou chronicles the poet’s eight month stay in the Fujian Province of China. Fuzhou also includes The Story Poems, a grouping of poems coupled with illustrations by Audrey McNamara, Matthew V. Galarza and Megan Dong.

David’s blog: www.projektnewspeak.com and Facebook page: facebook.com/davidanthonyromero


Every Girl I Go To

This girl was loud and flashy
She got everybody dancing
Glitz and glamour
A guilty pleasure
Mixed drinks with sweat poured
Dates with her were overpriced
But she was a good excuse
To shave my face and dress real nice
Shiny dresses and high heels
She liked me in my suit coat
Time with her would fly
I was surprised
She wasn’t the one for me
But, I’m glad that I tried.

She would dress in dark brown
And bright green
Her own scene
Car bombs exploding
Oh, how she loved her Irish whiskey…
She was into the Red Sox
Live music
And Guinness
Didn’t feel at home for her
If it wasn’t East Coast
Or working-class European.

This girl was shots
And shots of tequila
Those rhythms she was making
Would start to feel real familiar
If I could shake my hips
She would start grooving
And grinding instantly
Knew how to get down to business
I tell you that she loved me
No need to exchange any pleasantries
She didn’t care about my first name
But that girl felt like my last name.

She was into Rock and Indie
She never failed to remind me
That she was a classy dame
Loved Sinatra
80s music
And even Swing
Mood lighting
Red and green
She was the girl of my dreams
Projected onto a silver screen.

This girl was a diver
A survivor
She liked deadbeats
And old folks
The locals
American drafts
Really, anything on tap
As long as it was cheap
Our love affair
Riddled with High School Reunion beef
Pool tables
She made me keep score
And whenever I was bored
I could always pay her a visit
I should’ve never let her
Become my favorite mistress.

Every girl I go to
Can feel the same
Change my game
And be anything
I don’t own you
You own me
Let’s do your thing girl
As long as it’s with a drink.
Every bar I go to
Can feel the same
Change my game
And be anything
Girl, I love you
But you don’t love me
Let’s do your thing here
As long as it’s with a drink.

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