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Glass of red wine a day helps regulate diabetes

on 22/11/10 at 11:52 am

Booze News

A small glass of red wine every day could keep adult diabetes under control, scientists claim

A new study found that the drink contains high concentrations of chemicals that help the body regulate levels of sugar in the blood.

Just a small glass of red contained as many of these active ingredients as a daily dose of an anti-diabetic drug, the researchers found.

Although the study didn’t look at the effects of wine on people, its authors believe moderate drinking as part of a calorie controlled diet could protect against type 2 diabetes.

However, their conclusions angered Diabetes UK who accused the researchers of making ‘astonishingly bold suggestions’ based on ‘limited research’.

The charity warned that wine was so high in calories it could lead to weight gain – outweighing any benefit.

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