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Go to bed drunk. Study shows bed bugs and booze don’t mix

on 04/06/12 at 9:12 am

Booze News

Booze for bedtime

Researcher learns that bed bugs lay fewer eggs after feeding on alcohol; Regardless, they still boom during summer months.

That glass of wine before bedtime could bring relief in more ways than one.

New research suggests bed bugs don’t have much taste for boozy blood and lay fewer eggs when their feedings contain alcohol.

This penchant for a sober meal could mean fewer bites for hosts who imbibe, a New York entomologist now studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln found.

“(Bed bugs) need a blood meal to grow and to molt and to reproduce,” Ralph Narain, the University of Nebraska Ph.D. candidate from Suffolk County, told the website LifesLittleMysteries.com. “And one of their main hosts are humans, and we consume a lot of (alcohol).”

Narain fed blood mixed with different levels of alcohol to groups of the bugs in his lab and presented his findings to the National Conference on Urban Entomology in Atlanta last week.