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Going to London? This map shows you where to find classic cocktails

on 08/05/15 at 2:38 pm

Booze News

Screen-shot-2015-03-26-at-13.21.15We’ve all been there – you’re meandering through Soho or Bloomsbury or Shoreditch, absolutely jonesing for a good sazerac or a Charlie Chaplin, but can’t find a decent bar to service your ridiculously specific alcoholic needs.

That’s where this nifty new map comes in. Using the A-Z index or your preferred spirit base as a starting point, it’ll show you where in London (and indeed the rest of the country) you can order 42 different classic cocktails. You’ll get none of your new-fangled molecular mixology here, just proper old-school, wince-inducingly potent boozes made with top ingredients, mixed with skill and served with panache.

Now all you need is a map of kebab shops you can stumble into for dessert.

Check out the A-Z classic cocktail map now.