Going to Oaxaca? Here's a glossary of drinks so you know what to order

on 25/08/10 at 11:10 pm

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Pulquero Agave Used to Produce Pulque in Oaxaca - Alvin Starkman

Ordering beverages while visiting Oaxaca, Mexico, can confuse. This glossary makes requesting a drink, in markets or restaurants, alcoholic or soft, easier.

Everyone knows that agua means water. But in Oaxaca, Mexico, agua is different from agua pura, which is different from agua mineral; mezcal blanco is the same as mezcal joven, but different from mezcal reposado or mezcal añejo. And then there’s tejate (as distinct from Tecate, a brand of beer), chilacayota, pulque, atole, champurrado and chocolate.

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