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Going to Solvang? Don’t miss Sagebrush Annie’s

on 27/07/11 at 7:41 pm

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By: D.R. Stewart – boozenews.com intrepid reporter

When making a trip to Santa Barbara/Solvang, consider going inland. East, young man. That’s right — suck it, Horace Greeley. The town is called Ventucopa and the establishment is Sagebrush Annie’s. On Route 33.


Proprietors Larry and Karina Hogan run the place.  As Larry says, “Karina came in 11 years ago for dinner and stayed.”  According to Larry, their wines have snagged a total of 36 gold medals in competition.  It’s a huge hunka meat place, with interesting sides prepared by Karina.  Larry does the BBQ-ing.  If you don’t care for folksy, please stay away.  This is a virtuoso performance by Larry, who holds forth on various and sundry, and will show you his ballroom and all the things he built and fixed therein.  14,387 stones went into the making says Larry.  Of the wines, I fell for the 2007 Sagebrush Annie Zinfandel, although I’ve been on a Zin tear, so this may be unfair.  This Zin got 93 points from AlaWine.com and won a double [secret?] gold medal at the Florida International Wine Challenge. Walking into Sagebrush, I felt like Bilbo Baggins far from home, in a queer tavern, where any manner of man or beast could come upon me. Leaving – sated.  On every level.


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