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Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in a muggle over booze

on 07/07/11 at 12:10 pm

Booze News

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he has given up drinking after becoming “reliant” on alcohol.

The actor, 21, said that he has not touched a drop of alcohol since August last year, when he realised that he was not suited to the party lifestyle.

Radcliffe said that he began to think that he should be living a “celebrity life” and became “a little bit” complacent while filming the 2009 Potter adventure The Half-Blood Prince.

Click here to find out more!He told GQ: “I became so reliant on (alcohol) to enjoy stuff.”

He said: “There were a few years there when I was just so enamoured with the idea of living some sort of famous person’s lifestyle that really isn’t suited to me.

“As much as I would love to be a person that goes to parties and has a couple of drinks and has a nice time – that doesn’t work for me. I do that very unsuccessfully.

“I’d just rather sit at home and read, or go out to dinner with someone, or talk to someone I love, or talk to somebody that makes me laugh.

{FULL STORY via Mirror UK}

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