Hear ye, Hear ye. How to tip your bartender correctly

on 16/06/11 at 10:02 am

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The first of our multi-week Be Better At Everything series on tipping takes us to the bar. Sherry Waner of the Cosmopolitan Lounge and T.J. Wood of The Lift and Vaudeville Mews dish out the secrets to the right way to tip. Because there’s a good chance you’re doing it wrong.

Big tip at the beginning vs. buck a drink vs. big tip at the end.

If you’re running a tab with a card, Waner said a tip at the end is the norm, typically 15-20 percent of the tab. If you’re paying cash, tipping $1 per drink as you go is the best method (and helps ensure you haven’t spent all your cash when tip time comes). But Waner said a big tip early in the night goes a long way. “I’ve got customers who will give me $50 right away and say ‘take good care of us,’ ” Waner said. “You remember those people for sure.”

Wood said when he goes out to a bar he doesn’t know, he’ll typically tip consistently with each drink, but if he knows the bartender he’ll hold off for a big tip at the end.

A pitcher vs. a beer

One dollar for a beer is fine, but if you’re ordering a pitcher, Waner suggests taking the cost into account.

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