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Heaven is Sipping Scotch, Whisky and Bourbon at Whisky Live LA

on 24/10/11 at 9:57 am

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Can you imagine walking into a giant ballroom filled with tables  and tables of amazing scotches, whiskies and bourbons…not to mention a buffet groaning with delectable fare…all just for YOU? Well, if you bought a ticket to LA 2011 Whisky Live event, this year at the Century Plaza, you would have thought you were in heaven. And worth every penny. Where else would you get a chance to talk directly to the owners, distillers, brand reps, and men in kilts about everything you ever wanted to know about the distillation process, the ingredients, the magic of these awesome spirits? Ok, you know the answer, so next year, this is a must go-to tasting.

The Evan Williams single malt was a fan favorite.

If you’re new to these spirits and are intimidated by what you think are ‘men’s drinks’ or ‘throat-burners’, going to a tasting like this where you have the opportunity to taste, swish, swallow and discuss your tasting experience, will open you to a whole new world of drinking possibilities (in the best way) and will take your palate beyond a fruity cocktail. Not that there’s anything wrong with fruity cocktails, but appreciating whisky just offers another dimension to your imbibing experience. And the crowd was pretty diverse with what looked like a pretty even divide between men and women…which is great to see. Whisky isn’t just a ‘man’s drink’ anymore. It’s about time there was whisky equality!

Sign up to be notified for next year’s event: MAX Entertainment Group: http://maxentertainmentgroup.com/ Seriously, don’t miss it.

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