Here ya go. App to help recovering alcoholics hailed success

on 01/04/14 at 1:26 pm

Booze News

indexA new app created to help recovering alcoholics stay sober has been shown to help reduce the number of days they drink, researchers claim.

The app, called the Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (A-CHESS), alerts users when they are in “risky” areas populated by bars and pubs and includes a panic button to connect them with a support network or friends and counsellors.

It also features a selection of “games” to distract users from their cravings as well as a messaging service which asks patients about their recovery.

A team of researchers from Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, carried recently published the results of a study looking at the efficacy of the app in continuing care for recovering alcoholics once they leave residential treatment.

They were lead by David Gustafson, the app’s developer, and lead author of the study.

The researchers randomly assigned 349 American adults leaving rehabilitation centres for alcoholism to one of two groups.