Hey, Baby, Want a Little Booze With That Amniotic Fluid?

on 07/10/10 at 1:42 pm

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You’re a fetus living in a one-womb apartment in London.

Every day, it’s the same old grind. You give your mum a few swift kicks, develop some new brain cells, knock back some amniotic fluid and go to bed. How boring. And let’s face it: Amniotic fluid just doesn’t have any kick to it.

Go ahead, mate. Have a snort. You know you want one.

Is that your mum looking all nervous? Tell her to chill out. Despite all the fuss and feathers about how pregnant women shouldn’t drink alcohol, British researchers are now saying a little vino isn’t going to hurt expectant mothers or their unborn babies.

Just don’t get snockered.

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