Holy cow! Ron Artest plans to abstain from alcohol for the 2010-11 season

on 10/10/10 at 6:40 pm

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The celebration never seemed to end and the alcohol seemed to keep on flowing.

Moments after Lakers forward Ron Artest entered the locker room, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant poured champagne on his 2010 NBA Finals championship hat. As Artest gleefully recounted to reporters the circuitous route he’s taken in his 11-year career before finally winning a title, Lakers backup center DJ Mbenga poured beer on his head. And once he finally made it to his own locker, Artest’s family popped open a bottle of champagne and asked him to take a sip.

Artest showed afterward how he loved the taste of winning a championship. But the post- Game 7celebration also apparently demonstrated how Artest’s acquired taste for alcohol had significantly waned.

“It was weird. I didn’t even want to drink it, really,” Artest said after practice Saturday at the team’s facility in El Segundo. “It was fun at the time. But I didn’t have the stomach for alcohol, anymore.”

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