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Interesting concept – London bar highlights only one spirit…

on 21/09/11 at 10:50 am

Booze News

A new bar concept opens in London next month promising a stripped-back spirit offering of just one product per category, representing “the best of the best”.

LTD@The Social is a three month collaboration between bar consultant Dre Masso and Eric Yu, managing director of The Breakfast Group.

The pair decided that London cocktail drinkers needed an accessible selection of spirits, selected purely on the basis of quality rather than brand power.

“I’m not saying it’s wrong to have 20 gins,” remarked Yu. “We’re just trying to get a balance. There’s a whole plethora of choice that’s way beyond public understanding – there should be an alternative based on quality rather than marketing theatre.”

The spirit for each category was decided by a committee of drinks industry experts, including Henry Besant, Salvatore Calabrese and Peter Dorelli.

Each was carefully selected to make sure there were no brand ambassadors or otherwise affiliated individuals.


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