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Is Alcohol an Aphrodisiac or Does it Put Sex on the Rocks?

on 25/03/13 at 9:30 am

Booze News

a1For thousands of years, cultures throughout the world have turned to certain ingredients to stimulate arousal.

 Cocktails have been no exception.

But too much booze can also lead to poor performance in the bedroom, among other negative sexual side effects. And whether or not cocktails that claim to incorporate aphrodisiac ingredients actually have the intended effect seems to be up for debate.

“Cocktails can definitely be aphrodisiacs,” says Orson Salicetti, a mixologist at EVR, who adds that it all depends on what kind of liquor you use.

“Cognac can be more of a relaxing liquor, as opposed to tequila, which can raise your heart rate and stimulate your senses,” he explains. “Also, what you mix and infuse into the liquor can amplify its aphrodisiac properties.”

According to Salicetti, chocolate, figs, vanilla, ginger, ginseng, honey and anything spicy are all ingredients associated with passion and desire.

But just because a cocktail claims to be an aphrodisiac doesn’t mean it actually is.

“For centuries, people have been hunting for the proverbial fountain of virility, but science wise, it’s pretty thin soup,” says Michael Dawson, Senior Editor of Wine Enthusiast Magazine. “Still, the idea of aphrodisiacs is probably more powerful than any actual compound found in a drink or dish.”

Still, Sean Cummings, a teacher for the American Sommelier Association as well as bar manager for Delmonico’s Kitchen, believes certain spices can create a pleasure effect among certain drinkers. Chances are, you’ve already tried them during happy hour.

“A lot of these ingredients are being used in the mixology culture that’s been going on for a while now,” says Cummings.

One New York bar is banking on just that. The OralFix Aphrodisiac Cafe, part of the Museum of Sex in New York City, serves up an array of what they claim to be fueled by aphrodisiacs.