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ISIS Makes Drink-to-Forget Hard for Baghdad Boozers

on 18/09/14 at 9:39 am

Booze News

al-qaeda-affiliated-isis-publicly-torched-cigarettes-and-booze-in-syria-article-body-image-1396549395Baghdad’s beer-drinkers have it tough. Already shot at and persecuted, they have found prices soaring since Islamic State militants seized large swaths of northern Iraq in June and barred alcohol.

Liquor shipments heading to the Iraqi capital must bypass Islamic State territory and instead run the gauntlet of Shiite militia check-points, where gunmen demand money for each truck, according to traders. The price of a can of Heineken has surged from $1 to $5, and a bottle of the popular moonshine whiskey Black Jack has jumped from $15 to $50.

“Drinking is our only way to forget about the mayhem, but it’s become very expensive,” said businessman Laith Nadhum, 42, by phone from Baghdad.