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Joel McHale pushing Purity…vodka, that is, in comedy videos

on 14/07/14 at 2:01 pm

Booze News

Purity Vodka BottleA SMALL brand of Swedish vodka seeking to become better known is turning to an American comedian with a big following for an online video series that will use humor to get noticed and shared.

The vodka is Purity and the comedian is Joel McHale, familiar from his work on “The Soup” on the E! cable channel as well as the comedy series “Community,” which the Yahoo Screen streaming-video service agreed last week to pick up for at least one more round of 13 episodes after NBC canceled the show.

The fact that Mr. McHale’s videos for Purity will be online, on the brand’s YouTube channel, as “Community” moves to streaming video from television is a coincidence. He does, however, have extensive experience in online video, as evidenced by the clips he creates for “The Soup” that can be watched on their own YouTube channel. His most recent clip, uploaded last week, offers a wicked spoof of the Jerry Seinfeld web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”; in Mr. McHale’s version, the stimulative substance sought by the comedians offers a kick more powerful — and illegal — than the buzz from caffeine.

The videos for Purity featuring Mr. McHale — there are to be three initially, under the umbrella title of “Crafted Spirits,” with a possibility of more next year — also serve as a showcase for his sardonic style of humor. For example, in the first video, scheduled to appear on Thursday, he tries to swipe an expensive car from a company he is visiting, which customizes vintage vehicles; complains about how his 6-year-old child choked “in the biggest game of the season;” takes a shot at NBC for not renewing “Community;” mocks the conventions of creating videos for brands; and uses as an exclamation “Holy (the vulgarity of all vulgarities, which is being bleeped).”