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Ladies, What Does Your Choice of Cocktail Say About You?

on 19/11/13 at 4:48 pm

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imagesLadies, What Does Your Choice of Cocktail Say About You?

Just like your clothing, car and choice of home décor, the cocktail you order can say a lot about your personality – or at least the personality you’re trying to convey. And whilst it would be a huge generalization to say that a drink can fully represent your character, it is true that what you order at the bar is often determined by how you are feeling at the time, social expectations and who you may be trying to impress – especially on those all important first dates. Think about it, how often do you see a guy walk into a bar and ask for a strawberry Daiquiri? Possibly because they enjoy the safe and uncomplicated world of beer and spirits, but more likely because society deems fruity cocktails to be feminine and unrespectable for men – just ask AskMen. With that in mind, here are some of the most famous, feminine cocktail around and what they individually say about you.

The Cosmopolitan

The notorious tipple of the feisty ladies from Sex and the City, this vodka, Cointreau and cranberry concoction has become a firm favorite with women wanting to emulate the confidence, independence and sexuality of Carrie Bradshaw and co. Sounds good, right? Except the Cosmopolitan was born in the 1970’s making it nearly 50 years old now – not so much cool and kooky as old news. Even Bradshaw herself gave up on it when she realized everyone else was drinking it. And despite a brief revival in pop culture and the way you may feel like a stylish city girl as you sip this syrupy drink from your martini glass, others are quite possibly looking on and thinking ‘princess’. Although refreshing and great for uterine health, this is a fad drink with a high maintenance, designer label.

White Russian

Milky or creamy cocktails aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but this old classic (and we mean old, it dates back to the 1950s!) is having somewhat of a revival at the minute. Renowned as a new age ‘hipster drink’ if this is your tipple of choice you are probably also into alternative music and all things vintage. Either that or you’re just plain quirky. Of all the cocktails listed, this is probably the one a man would be most likely to order giving it a slight masculine edge over the others too.

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila is the ultimate party drink. It gets those feel-good endorphins pumping around your brain and body like no other spirit. Add some orange and grenadine and you’ve got yourself a sensual sunrise in a glass. If you’re drinking a Tequila Sunrise the chances are you’re out to get drunk, but can’t handle the harshness of a slammer so have opted for this sickly sweet but more palatable tequila based drink instead – one of the main reasons that bartenders say this is a renowned drink for college age females. As with most colorful, umbrella laden beverages it’s not going to make you look like the most sophisticated girl in the club, but at least it’s fun and in no way pretentious.

Vodka Martini

James Bond oozed style, sophistication and sex appeal when he ordered this drink – shaken not stirred – and so those who want to follow suit probably view themselves in the same way. It is the kind of drink you expect to see rich, powerful and professional business women drinking in rooftop bars whilst smoking expensive cigarettes. But no matter how expensive, cigarettes are bad for the health and the same applies with this cocktail. Despite its glamorous reputation and the illusion that anyone who drinks it must have money, the absence of any mixer makes this one of the most potent (and lethal) cocktails around. You might feel like Mrs Bond while you’re sipping on it but one too many is going to definitely have the opposite effect. A high quality and luxury spirit but probably one that should be avoided on a first date or work event if you want to keep up the illusion of grandeur.


For Margarita ladies, life’s a beach. This Mexican cocktail is another tequila based favorite (the most popular in the States) and its citrus twist and salt on the side makes for an exotic and refreshing beverage. Margarita drinkers are fun loving, laid back and relaxed. They love to party and spend most of their life day dreaming about the beach – even if they are sat in their local back street bar.

Spirit and mixer

Not cocktails as such, but if you prefer a simple spirit and mixer then you probably enjoy an uncomplicated, consistent lifestyle. Not boring, just level headed and reliable. Of course there are variations – a gin and tonic drinker personifies the word ‘sensible’ (until they have one too many) whilst vodka and Red Bull or rum and coke are probably more popular among younger drinkers who simply want to explore the vast realms of alcohol ménages. A spirit on the rocks or without a mixer is probably something a more experienced drinker would enjoy – not to get drunk but simply to appreciate the flavors.

~ Missi Davis